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The vast variety of landscape Iceland, seasons, time of day, change on weather (drastic or subtle) give endless possibility of what you can create. Whether you are a professional or aspiring photographer, to make it a memorable and enjoyable photography experience, it’s useful to leave the logistics of planning and traveling so you can focus on creativity and being inspired. My experience as a photographer and producer extends beyond location, but also more importantly on road conditions and how to interact with ever changing elements so that you can get more out of the experience without compromising safety.

Bespoke Private Tours

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As the Experience Manager with Arctic Advanced, a licensed travel operator in Iceland, let me help you get more out of your valuable time in Iceland. I create customized solutions for individuals and groups for various sizes, different duration of stay, incorporation of activities and adventure, or even catering to special occasions. Get in touch with ideas you have in mind and leave the rest of the planning with me.